Braised Beef Roulade over Gorgonzola Orzo

Rollatini, Involtini, roulade, braciole, these are all ways in which you enhance chicken, turkey, beef, pork by rolling it with a prepared stuffing.  The meat stays moist on the inside, and you end up with something rich and hearty.  

I've been eager to cook with Swiss Chard.  It's one of the healthiest leaf vegetables out there  Rather than using spinach, i thought the red chard would pair nicely with some toasted pine nuts, garlic, and golden raisins which i soaked in some dry white wine.  This stuffing has complexity in that it has slight bitterness from the chard, sweetness from the rasins, and the toasted pine nuts.  I sear these until slightly browned, then i braise them until tender.  The stuffing keeps the beef nice and moist.  

I cooked the orzo in the brasing liquids, then finished it off with some pretty expensive imported butter from Parma.  I added some crumbled gorgonzola to finish it off.

 I like the combination of blue cheese with red meat, and i think overall, the ingredients work nicely here.  Using what you have on hand is a great way to test your mind, rather than letting ingredients go to waste.