Cast Iron Griddle Cheese Sandwich

So you have some homemade fresh white bread sitting on your counter.  I made mine fresh a few days ago:

In my case, I'm thinking of all the possibilities that lie ahead.  We have the potential for some killer french toast, simple cinnamon butter toast, maybe some croutons for a salad, homemade breadcrumbs, honestly you start to realize just how versatile a loaf of bread can be.  Since I love using my lodge cast iron skillet I knew exactly how to call on it for this situation.  The goal was to assemble an insane griddled cheese sandwich.  I had three cheeses on hand: Swiss Guryere cheese which is nutty and slightly salty, young Wisconsin cheddar which is creamy milder and softer than an aged cheddar, and as a result would also melt nicely, lastly I had to add some Australian aged cheddar for sharpness.  Mix all of the cheeses together so they are blended.

I wanted to add some luxuriousness with some nicely white Spanish caramelized onions, these add a sweet pungeant umami like flavor to anything they are paired with.  I put a touch of balsamic vinegar in the onions to emphasize their sweetness.  Lastly the idea of some crispy bacon torn into little bit sized pieces would add nice crunch and smokey flavor to an already amped up sandwich.  I don't like biting into a sandwich and having the bacon come out in one piece, tearing little pieces makes it more distributed into each bite.

Butter both sides of the bread which has been cut slightly thicker than a regular standard piece of bread, this is almost in Texas Toast territory.  Once it's buttered up, you place it in your skillet on low heat, and you wait patiently for good things to happen.  Patience is key, you want all the layers to melt evenly.

Not much else to say, I'm a fan of simple grilled cheese sandwiches, but sometimes I just have to splurge and make an upscale version to enjoy, doing this with your own bread makes the occasion even more memorable.

 Inspiration for an idea like this comes from one of my favorite grilled cheese sandwiches here in Brooklyn, which happens to be at Henry Public, they use two types of cheddar, and they slip in some shaved apple slices for sweetness/tartness.