Cast Iron Porter House with fried Potato sticks

On the way home tonight, i was craving steak.  Rather than over pay for a twenty-eight day aged steak, i thought, why not see what the local market has available.  I was shocked to find out that this particular Porter House cut was extremely tender, and juicy.  I kept it simple by just adding Kosher salt and black pepper to season.  

My fried potato sticks were crispy and remeniscent of the ones that i used to eat out of a can for my pre-homework snack when i came home from school.  The only thing is that i feel mine were less greasy than the ones i am accustomed to.

Baby arugula always stands up nicely with a steak.  I seared this on extremely high heat using one of my prized posessions, the cast iron skillet.  Once i let it rest, the juices were redistributed, and the meat was pink and perfectly cooked.  With the Porter House, you get the best of both worlds, one side has the strip and the other has the tenderloin.  I like to seperate them from the middle bone, slice into nice strips and season with some extra salt.