Cider Glazed Center Cut Loin of Pork

Walking home tonight realizing that it's only January made me think of ingredients that are prevalent in the supermarket at this time of year.  Fennel, pomegranate, pork, potatoes.  I wanted something savory, sweet, with a touch of heat coming through.  

I rolled my pork loin in some Kosher salt, black pepper, and Herbes de Provence.  Beforehand, i slathered some crushed garlic that I pounded into a paste.  Tie it up with some butcher's twine, get ready to sear to lock in the juices, and it will cook uniformly throughout while adding extra fat to the potatoes that lay along the hot cast iron pan.

Reducing apple cider really conetrates the apple flavor that can augment any average piece of pork from the supermarket.  Since it has such a high sugar content, i waited until the very end to glaze the pork, right before it finished cooking, i slathered this on and watched it ooze and drip around the pork.  The smell and taste of the roasted pork, apple glaze, and Herbes de Provence is a welcoming aroma to any kitchen. 

I wanted the slaw to provide some kick and diversity of flavor and texture.  The shaved Fuji apples, fennel, and fine strands of Jalapeno hang nicely together to offer heat, sweetness, and anise flavor.  Everything comes through appropriately on your palate.  A slight touch of mustard, shallot vinaigrette adds some heightened acidity.

I let the loin rest for 10-15 minutes so that the juices redistribute, then the potatoes which sit at the bottom of the roast are crispy and creamy.  I snuck in a few pieces of pancetta for extra pork goodness.  

The potatoes form the base of the plate, followed by the warm slices of pork loin, and lastly the fennel, apple, jalapeno slaw.  Some pomegranate seeds to lend color and texture, with a drizzle of the natural pan juices from the roasting tray, and this ones complete.