Durazzo and Friends at Mister Sunday

Back in 2011 I had the opportunity while working as a line cook at Mile End Delicatessen to work the line at Mister Sunday with my brother.  At the time we were both looking for something to engage us.  We had a taste of what Mister Sunday offered, a laid back setting with a diverse crowd on the banks of the Gowanus Canal.  People get to enjoy music and food in an area of Brooklyn that has rapidly become a food destination for all New Yorkers.  

Early this summer, the opportunity came upon us to start our own food stand at Mister Sunday.  In conjuction with some of our closest friends, we were able to pull this off rather quickly.  It's amazing how fast you can pull something off when you have the ambition and support of friends and family to spur the process along.  Let's not forget without Uhaul, and a few too many 5 hour energy drinks, we laid out a plan to get started immediately.  From the very first week, we all kept learning and feeding off of eachother, coming up with ways to make our stand better, more interactive with the crowd, and most importantly trying to have fun.  

Looking back on this summer, I have to say it was once of the most exciting summers of my life, to be affiliated with the Mister Sunday event, working in such a unique yet somewhat remote area of Brooklyn.

It was exciting to the point where you want to tell everyone about it, "hey, you should check out Mister Sunday."  People respond, "what's it called again?"  For those who come for the first time, they're always amazed at how lively and active it is, starting with the crowd, music, food, and atmosphere.

Our goal was to allow people to come join us , interact with us while we're serving or cooking food.  We wanted to make everyone feel as if they are a part of our crew.  We had various friends from week to week who would help either on the line stations, or behind the grill.  Seeing everyone in action participating was a great feeling.  Despite the fact that we all have different backgrounds and day jobs, we can still come together each week to feed the people, have fun, and most importantly enjoy Brooklyn and all it's glory.