Farro risotto with sliced french green beans

Farro comes in handy when you don't crave something as heavy and starchy as rice or pasta.  It's like you are eating a risotto, except it's much healthier, high in fiber, and doesn't make you feel as full as a whole bowl of pasta can.  That's not to say that i don't appreciate pasta comas, but farro is a healthy alternative to the diet.  I like to add whatever i have on hand to work together with the farro.  In this particular dish, i happened to have some green french beans in my refrgerator.  I figured, why not slice them thin enough so that they can finish cooking towards the last stage of the cooking process. This is an added element of freshness, crunch, and color to this dish.  Farro is nutty in flavor, so i think some grated strands of lemon zest will go  a long way to give some acidity to the finished dish.  Parmigiano-Reggiano and a tablespoon of unsalted butter will increase the richness, but either can be used as sparingly as you prefer.  I finish mine with a few turns of black pepper, and a drizzle of the finest extra virgin olive oil money can buy.