Lechonera La Piraña

It's not every day when you can ride your bike to the South Bronx and be treated like a family member.  I stumbled upon Angel's fortress of Lechonara on a Saturday afternoon not knowing what to expect.  When we finally found his spot, there were a few locals hovering around his trailer.  As we stepped into his trailer, we didn't even have to speak, he knew we came far to try his home style cooking.  He quickly started feeding us, and at that moment I can't explain how much of a thrilling experience it is to have someone so passionate about their food feed you.  "Wait, you have to try this", "here's some hot sauce", "this is real Puerto Rican cooking", "We're all the same".  He's inspiring, and he even let us walk with him to show us his oven, where he quickly took out another batch of roasted pork.  The highlight was when he let us take a picture with him, and he allowed me to hold his signature machete.  There's not much else to say, no need to get all foodie here, just support him in what he does, because we need more people like this in neighborhoods to help sustain the community.  I truly respect and admire his craft.  He does it for the love of the food and his culture, at one point, I had to ask him, "how much do I owe you for all this food?"  His response, "I don't care about money."  The Bronx is where it's at, real people working hard, living hard, and keeping it real.  You're the man Angel!  I don't think I will ever find food that tasted so dam good, he doesn't just feed your appetite, he feeds your soul.

You can see more of Angel in this video below, but you should get out to the Bronx where it's at, and support his efforts:

A video feature by Food Curated