Mama Yau's Plum duck dinner

The first mama Yau dinner occured towards the end of the summer.  I ate so much I had to unbuckle my belt.  For months Carol kept saying that her mom wanted to make her signature plum duck.

It was revitalizing to be in her kitchen watching her cook with the breath of the Wok.  She's fun, down to earth, and she's not afraid to correct you when you're looking to replicate her techniques while assisting her. 

As each dish was prepared, you just want to stand there and eat before she even begins assembling the next dish.  For myself, time was at a stand still on this Sunday afternoon.  I had a mere glimpse into her culture, and her craft of replicating dishes of her heritage.  

I hope to have more mama Yau dinners on here, because she definetly deserves the spotlight for this incredible meal.

And thank you to Yauriffic, her daughter for pouring me endless cups of black tea to keep me on my feet during the cooking marathon we both witnessed on this cold Sunday afternoon.