My Own Wonder Bread

There are some things that are unexpalinable, for instance, why does the first bite of a sandwich with Wonder Bread stick to the top of your mouth.  I can't answer that in detail, however, I can share my version of White sandwich bread that will basically make you stand there in your kitchen and watch in disbelief as to how perfect this bread really is.  

I did some research on white bread in the past, but never found a recipe that was quite simple, so after combining some ideas and researching, I substituted a few ingredients in order to make this happen.  For example, it is common to use honey or golden syrup to lend sweetness in the finished loaf.  Since I ran out of honey, I decided to use some Agave Syrup that I already had on hand.  It works very well, and adds a touch of sweetness while also feeding the yeast during the rising process.

Try it out for yourself, and you'll be amazed, it's one of the easiest breads to make by far, and you might even take a seat in front of your oven to watch as it comes to prominence while  it bakes in the oven.

There are many things in store for this bread, first I'll eat a warm slice after it comes out of the oven, then I'm haunted by the notion of a griddled cheese sandwich on steroids.  Now that the bread is finished, it's time to start that cast iron griddled cheese sandwich, stay tuned.