Nordic Adventures

I recently had the privilege of exploring the streets of Gothenburg Sweden through a close friend of mine ( Johan) who happened to be making an annual visit to catch up with friends and family.  As a former line cook and devout food lover, I knew this would be an opportunity to gain new ground by seeing the growth of one of the largest cities in Sweden.  Johan had provided me with a crash course in some of the main Swedish staples. Västerbotten a mainstay cheese on the Swedish table, Tunnbröd (thin bread), crisp bread, filmjölk (sour milk), and fermented herring, which every Swede loves to rave about.  As a guest in his families home I was eager to see what they ate on a daily basis, while also experiencing the restaurant and street food scene.  

This was a trip which was not meant to be planned with a rigid approach, and as a result, we meandered around several areas with an open mindset. Along the way, we discovered interesting people, various types of terrain, and traditional food which is sincere.