Roasted Parsnips dusted with cumin, chestnut honey

Sure, you can "toss" them into the bottom of the roasting pan and let the roast be the superstar of the show, but Parsnips are nutritious, sweet like a plantain can be, and they hold up well when roasted.  I had some amazing chestnut honey that i purchased a few weeks back, and rather than pair it with some cheeses, i thought it would be interesting to taste the nutty flavor paired against the sweet roasted parsnips.  The cumin ties it together to give a partial earthy flavor.  First you taste sweetness from the honey, then the caramelization from the parsnip, followed by the cumin.  I like to dust some extra cumin on them when they come out of the oven, then i baptize them with a spare drizzle of some extra virgin olive oil.  Try these out, it's great to use ingredients that people would sometimes overlook at the supermarket or be intimidated by.  I would totally pair these as a side dish with some fatty succulent pork.  It sort of reminds me of a pork and plantain sandwich that i sometimes get on my lunch break, as well as the classic mofungo dish that i enjoy. Either way, i think the parsnip deserves some attention here, so enjoy.